April 5th 2024

I invite you to experience your own journey in transposition to relaxation, stress reduction, personal development and self-awareness through this Breathwork.


With Gaile Lüthy


This is one of my favorite mind-body practices!

At Yogacenter By Patrick Nolfo

Av. du Casino 48, 1820 Montreux 

Price p.P. CHF 90.- / payment: Bank transfare IBAN CH09 0900 0000 6191 6524 3 at the same day as registration


Please read before registering for participating the event, more informations to the Transposition Breathwork here

Registration here till March 20th 2024

Maximal 8 participants 



Practical and quickest ways to tap into parts of your brain and nervous system that are out of your conscious control. Proponents of the technique claim that this altered state allows people to access parts of consciousness that are not normally accessible; memories of past events may also resurface. 


Transposition Breathwork integrates consciously connected breath and body-mind techniques to support the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being. Repetitive and rhythmic music encourages the breather to enter an altered state of consciousness. The main part of the breathing session is breathing „in“ and „out“ without a break between the both, such as called Holotropic breathwork (by Dr. Stansilov Groff).


Breathwork can be practiced by general interest for improving wellbeing and letting go of general tension and emotions. Not only by clinical issues.


Any feelings, sounds, thoughts or visions that show up are to be accepted and expressed. It’s important to go through all that comes. Also all physical reactions like vibrations, laughter, singing, crying, screaming, sweating, cramps, feeling dizzy etc.. 

With circular breathing, we don’t wait for the carbon dioxide to rise first before breathing out. Like that we avoid the Hyperventilation syndrome.

Circular breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system.


Before we start, I will brief you. 


I am there to coach you with my voice, speech and sounds. If needed, I will be touching and moving specific parts on your body, to help you  feel more free to carry on breathing.


As it’s important to reflect and let the experience settle, we will have a short debriefing circle, where you all have the chance to say what you wish to say. You are able to just listen to the experience of others if you want and stay silent. I leave this up to every participant. After the session, you are welcome to take some notes or draw mantras / images / figures for yourself.



Come with comfortable clothes, Yoga matt, something to cover your eyes, socks, blanket, pillow and a bottle (not glas) of water

The Transposition Breathwork I work with, is influenced by a wide range of Breathwork, therapies and spiritual practices.


Depending on your own life experiences and actual situation, Transposition Breathwork can help with a wide range of current issues. Such as:


Anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, trauma (including early childhood and intergenerational trauma), shyness, low self-esteem, procrastination, disengagement and addictive behaviors, stress and pain relief, sexuality, relating to others, spiritual experiences, life purpose and mindfulness issues. 


Till now, there are no reported serious and negative cases like heart attacks, strokes when it comes to breathwork. It appears to be safe for generally healthy people. 


Tests showed, the brain EEG of someone doing circular breathing, the delta and theta patterns, the slow brain waves are similar to an altered shamanic state of consciousness. The trance-like state where slow waves dominate the brain patterns show up when you do this breathing. 

As well, when someone was in a breathwork, induce trance state and they had an emotional experience or flashback or they were accessing some past emotional memories and are working through strong emotions, their brain EEG pattern changed to something that showed slow bursts of higher voltage activity, related to the emotionally intense subjective experience that they were having. 


Will it cause a panic attack? 

In most cases the answer is: No! 

Even in people who have experienced a panic attack in the past. It's because, if you start to feel breathless or feel like you can't catch your breath when you're doing circular breathing, it means that you need to relax the breathing more and not force it. You can simply stop if it gets too overwhelming and you start feeling breathless. Feeling breathless is an unusual experience with circular breathing. Even for people who suffer physical symptoms of anxiety in daily life, it can be an extremely powerful tool. 


Feel free to contact me the days after the session, if you feel like diving deeper with a personal session. There will be further group sessions, where you are able to carry on in a group if you feel like.


What I call "Transposition Breathwork" is an experiential and transpersonal therapeutic practice that I work with my coaching clients mostly one on one. 


I prefer the live sessions more than online, as the breathers can feel more safe during the practice. 


As everyone can react differently during the sessions, it is an experience in a journey that everyone may call their own.


In case of cancellation until 22.03.2024, the full amount can be refunded. For cancellations until 29.03.2024, 50% of the payment will be refunded. For later cancellations nothing will be refunded


Breath is the link between the bottom up (involuntary) & top down (voluntary) processes. The conscious and unconscious processes of the brain. (Dr. J. Allan Hobson)