The reflex lymphatic drainage on the foot has a very positive effect on the entire lymphatic system and metabolism.


Gentle and rhythmic movements on the feet, support the flow of lymph throughout the body. This improves the absorption of tissue fluid in the small lymphatic vessels. Peristalsis is stimulated and the lymphatic return flow is increased. The removal of slag from the body is accelerated and the body's own immune system is activated and thus strengthened.


The reflex lymphatic drainage on the foot is gentle and very pleasant on the one hand, and the effect is enormous on the other. Congested stagnant processes and energies are made to flow again without being overwhelmed. The gentleness and calmness of the massage has a very relaxing effect and leads to profound physical and mental readjustment processes. The organism and thus also the feeling on the emotional level is gently retuned and cleansed.


For this reason, I also like to use reflex work on the foot in combination with process work like emotional issues such as exhaustion syndrome, stress or anxiety disorders. Aswell when the body reacts to touch with stress due to negative learning experiences. This therapy has also proven its worth as a support and to build up the entire organism after stressful therapies, operations and illnesses.