Like your partner, friend, family member or just helping someone as first aid to relax by stiffness and pain?

This workshop is aimed at everyone who wants to develop spontaneously and freely through touch and who would like to respond to the needs of the other person with joy. In addition, you want to solve your own inhibitions to touch, which may have crept in through some life situations and shape behavioral patterns. Or simply to integrate something new into their relationship and emotional life in a simple way.


Very often physical touch, like in a partnership, is only lived and associated sexual aspect. Body contact, especially in a massage, helps our opposite to get a little closer in a different way. In a sensitive, playful and healing way.


For this workshop there is no prior knowledge of massage necessary. 

There is no anatomy teaching. And this is not a tantra workshop, relationship or psychological counseling or therapy.

The workshop is purely about experiencing the essence of touch, giving and receiving, physically and mentally, for both people. Letting go and accepting. Listening with the heart, the intuition and while listening to the verbal wishes of the other.


During the workshop, the oil massage is gradually built up and demonstrated, which is then practiced by the participants. I will assist the participants in performing the elements.


Depending on the participants and duration of the workshop, in addition to the massages, we do some small meditation and physical exercises. These can also be practiced in everyday life, together or individually.


Workshops also on Saturdays 10:00a.m. - 6:00p.m. or Sunday between 10:00a.m. and 6:00p.m. 


Price for 2 participants:

4 hours  CHF450.- with 2 small brakes in between

11.5 hours in two on-following days  CHF1100.- with small and lunch brakes