"I allow myself to step out of the routine! To thrive instead of just to survive!"


I am very grateful for the different stages of life and cultures in which I lived and the occupations I had before I became a health professional. 


I was born in Lesotho. My Family and I moved to Switzerland when I was very young. We lived in different places while being brought up in the gastronomy. Choosing to go a different way than my parents, my first study was Ladies and Mans - industrial Tailor. After that I worked as a Fashion Consultant, merchandiser, receptionist / secretary, flight attendant and flight attendant - Instructor. I always enjoyed being creative in my work and the work with people. My environment describes me as a happy and life-experienced person.


In my twenties my fascination for body and movement began. Interested in human, various leisure activities and massages, I discovered the Esalen® massage. I am very impressed by the free way of practicing! The Esalen® Massage is a key part of my journey as a holistic therapist and coach. It is of great interest to me to learn more and more about us as human beings and to be able to lead a stable and healthy life together. A balance... the yin and yang... Through balance we are centered.


My educations and follow ups with Diplomas and self-studies


"THE CENTER- European Institute of Esalen Massage“:

  • Esalen® Massage Therapist
  • Acupressure points 
  • Sciatica, herniated discs and chronic back pain
  • Esalen® massage for pregnant women
  • Esalen® Side Position Massage
  • Meridians, massage and stretch according to Zen Shiatsu
  • Classic Massage


"Swiss Prevensana“:


  • Wellness and therapy through foot reflex zones
  • Lymphatic drainage on the foot


"Mind Group“:

  • Hypnosis Practitioner / The Dave Elmann Induction / Stress and pain management 


  • Annual further trainings and supervisions at various schools and institutions out of self-interest and to obtain health insurance approval



  • Various meditation and body therapy techniques: 

           Breath focus technic

           Passive and active breath therapy (Middendorf)

           Breathwork (Equal -, 4-7-8 pranayama -, Neurodynamic -, Alternate nostril -, Box -,      

           Diaphragmatic -, Pursed lip - and Soma - breathing)



           Somatic experience 

  • Personal Transformation technics:

          Tony Robbins

          Silva Method 

  • Activation of self-healing powers with energy work:

       Chakra cleansing meditation

       Chakra stone work

  • Hay fever - regeneration through manual stimulation treatment and ingestion of a specific natural nutrition

Depending on the clients circumstances and wishes, I combine the Methods. Physiological and psychological processes in our body are linked.


Life is rhythm... Life is movement


Movement educations:


"BODYART® School“:

  • BODYART® Strength
  • BODYART® international system
  • BODYART® Touch
  • BODYART® Medical
  • BODYART® Energy
  • BODYART® burnout
  • BODYART® Flow




  • Oriental dance ongoing courses and workshops

"Swing Production" and "Downtown Swing“:

  • Lindy Hop ongoing courses and workshops
  • Solo jazz ongoing cours

"Geneva Swing“:

  • Balboa workshop

Online courses:

  • Solo jazz 

At various centers and online:

  • Antara
  • yoga
  • Zumba
  • Nordic Walking
  • Power plate training
  • Food as medicine 

Painting and three dimension Structuring:

  • School of Art and Design, Zürich


I find it exciting to try out new movement elements from my own imagination and to combine them with what I have learned from dance and various holistic training. With these I set up my own holistic program to practice with my participants. That's how I developed my "DanCentral" program. You can read more about that here. 


In addition to all this, I love being in nature, mountain and water sports activities. Gathering herbs to process, taking cold water baths in streams, lakes and snow, being aware of healthy and sustainable way of eating and just being. Conscious breathing is now part of my daily ritual. 


Art like dancing, singing, painting, designing and much more gives me a lot of joy. To mention: I think life itself is an art with many facets. Seeing the human being as a whole, as body and mind. As part of nature. In balance with everything surrounding und finding use of it. This means sustainability and the way of living permaculture to me.


Depending on the person and the circumstances, a different approach is important. I follow this approach with myself and my clients.