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Tous les dimanches, par temps doux et sec09:40h, par temps sec à Righi - Vaudois Parc avec une vue imprenable sur le lac Léman. Les participants seraient informés samedi jusqu'à 18:00h.


Rendez-vous 09:30 devant :

Restaurant Buffet de la Gare

Route des Chemins de Fer 5


+41 (0)76 334 39 54


Pour la réservation en ligne, faites défiler vers le bas


Nous travaillons sur la force, l'endurance, l'équilibre, la souplesse et la conscience.


Les articulations sont renforcées, le corps obtient une meilleure posture et un sens de la coordination. C'est pour tout le monde. Egalement fortement recommandé aux sportifs ou danseurs pour se reconstruire après des blessures ou pour améliorer leurs performances.


Avec des unités d'entraînement variées, les groupes musculaires individuels sont spécifiquement ciblés avec l'implication de tout le corps.


Dans l'entraînement holistique, tel que BODYART®, toutes les parties du corps sont vues en relation les unes avec les autres et contrôlées en même temps.


Le sport qui réduit le stress et vous met de bonne humeur !


Apportez : Tapis de yoga, vêtements de sport confortables adaptés à la météo, chaussettes si vous préférez, serviette et eau. En général, nous nous entraînons pieds nus.


Max. 8 participants.


Formation de groupe Glion / Montreux

Cours d'essai : CHF15.-

Cours individuel : CHF25.-


Souhaitez-vous un Personal Training en ligne ou en direct à l'intérieur ou à l'extérieur ?

Alors appelez-moi pour trouver un horaire adapté.


Entraînement personnel individuel:

En ligne : CHF100.-

Extérieur / intérieur : CHF140.-

Cours d'essai : CHF70.-

Abonnement pour 5 fois : CHF650.-


Duo Personal Training par Pers. et Leçon

En ligne : CHF80.-

Extérieur / intérieur : CHF120.-

Cours d'essai : CHF70.-

Abonnement pour 5 fois : CHF550.-



Pour 5 fois l'abonnement CombI: CHF1300.-





Every Sunday, on mild and dry days 09:40am by dry weather at Righi - Vaudois Parc with an awesome view on Lac Leman. Participants would be informed Saturday till 6pm. 


Meeting-point 09:30 in front of:   

Restaurant Buffet de la Gare

Rte des Chemins de Fer 5

1823 Glion

+41 (0)76 334 39 54


For online booking please scroll down


We work on strength, endurance, balance and flexibility and awareness.

Joints are strengthened, the body gets better posture and a sense of coordination. It is for everyone. Also highly recommended for athletes or dancers to build up after injuries or to improve their performance.

With varied training units, individual muscle groups are specifically targeted with the involvement of the whole body.


In the holistic training, such as BODYART® all body parts are seen in connection with each other and controlled at the same time. 


Sport that reduces stress and brings you in a good mood! 


Bring: Yoga mat, comfortable sports clothing suitable for the weather, socks if you prefer, towel and water. Generally we train barefoot.


Max. 7 Participants. 


Group Training Glion / Montreux

Trial class:                                CHF15.-

Sigle class:                               CHF25.- 


Do you wish a Personal Training online or live in- or outdoor? Then call me to find a suitable schedule.

Personal Training one on one

Online:                                      CHF100.-

Out- / indoor:                         CHF140.-

Trial class:                                CHF70.-

Subskription for 5 times:  CHF650.- 


Duo Personal Training per Pers. and Lesson

Online:                                      CHF80.-

Out- / indoor:                         CHF120.-

Trial class:                               CHF70.- 

Subscription for 5 times:  CHF550.-




For 5 times Combi subscription 




If you are unable to attend till 2 classes in the row of your membership,  you can catch up the missed classes immediately the following week after your 7 weeks are over. Same if I for any reasons can't give the class.


Cancelation for all kind of registrations, 24 hours in advance. Otherwise the booking is considered to be attended and will be charged as such.


The subscription is for 7 Lessons that are to be pre-registered and taken within a block of 7 consecutive weeks. 


Courses are to be pre-registered and are to be paid in cash, while visiting the class or transferred to the account above before visiting the Class. Twint also possible. For no-shows without cancellation of a single course within 24 hours in advance, 100% of course fees are to be payed.


If you miss a Class in case of illness, with a medical certificate the missed lessons can be rescheduled one week directly after the dissolved subscription.


"One-on-one"  and "two-on-one" Personal Trainings are carried out by variable appointment. For no-shows without cancellation of a Personal Training within 24 hours in advance, 70% of the course fees are to be payed.


When wanting to continue subscription for the ongoing Group lessons, the sum of the following price period is to be paid up to 5 days before the next subscription starts.


If not wanting to attend the subsequent course period,  please unsubscribe by Mail, to 14 days before the expiration of the subscription. Otherwise the subscription automatically goes over into the next period and the whole course must be paid. For that reason, you get informed as soon as you have reached the 5th Class. If you fail to unsubscribe in time, there is the possibility to transmit the whole subscription from the same date on, to someone else, or 100% of the 7 course fees are to be payed.


During the 7 Classes, the subscription is not transferable.


You receive my reply / confirmation emails latest 3-5 days after you informing me. If any questions you can also call me on: +41 76 334 39 54


As the Name says, we are moving here focusing on our center. 


The main feature is our breath and the contact with earth and the air that surrounds us. We move in flow while activating the fire within us. We steer towards our entire cells, our spirals, from which all life consists, in order to open ourselves to the movement from the middle. 


The movement elements are each carried out consciously, whereby we pay attention to what is happening in and around us and accept it. Breath sounds can also occur. Every impulse is to be perceived and let flow. Your own movements can also be incorporated and a so-called "dancing out of line" is welcome. Thus we unfold in the movement and the movement in us. 


The elements are partly known in Qigong, Afro dance and other earthy dance styles. There are also elements reminiscent of ballet or known gymnastics/workouts. Where expression arises in movement. They are each time put together differently and may vary from lesson to lesson. So no fixed choreography. 


No previous dance knowledge is necessary and everyone, regardless of age, can participate in their physical condition. And of course you can sweat, the muscles can be challenged/grant-aided, the joints strengthened and made more flexible at the same time. After the lesson you will feel strengthened from the middle, more balanced and the breath can flow better. 


You are welcome to register for a group or individual trial lesson. For in my practice, outdoors, in the office, at home or in an exercise room. 


DANCE AND CENTER Life is rhythm! Let's "DanCentral" together.