Get out of the stress trap

Experience healing for more happiness in life

RME/EMR and ASCA recognized  

If your supplementary insurance does not cover my massage treatments, you will receive a CHF20.- reduction for a 60 and 90 minute treatment.

For youth and adults of all genders

German and English speaking 

Only with prior registration


Do you know that pain can be alleviated and even healed with massage combined with regular proper exercise and Meditation/breathing exercises, proper eating and the resulting relaxing sleep?

To help improve health and for quicker recovery, additional to the Massages I show to clients who come for pain treatment, exercises that take up 10-20 minutes of the daily time. What I think is feasible time for "self-care (self-help)" for everyone. For at home, office or where ever you want. 

It's not just about wellness. It’s also about being and feeling healthy! 



Energy work
Treatment and advice for relieving hay fever
Health training for prevention and rehabilitation
Individual meditation / Breath / PMR / Hypnosis for stress and pain management
Coaching in challenging life situations in mutual presents or online

Supplements and Cosmetic

  • Body care with Ringana Fresh products: treatments and sale


Indoor and outdoor workouts / holistic training / dance

  • Group- or individual single- Training
  • BODYART® Workout
  • Customized personal Training
  • DanCentral DANCE AND CENTER Life is rhythm!
  • Nordic Walking (with practicing the Technic if needed)

Events / workshops

  • Massage, Workout, Nordic Walking, Meditation with healthy snacks
  • Workshop for 2 people each: couples, friends, relatives
  • Body-oriented workshops to get closer to yourself and to dissolve blockages