Meditation / Hypnose / Body oriented process work



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Stress and pain management, relaxation


How often in everyday life do we take the opportunity to just sit still, close our eyes, follow our breath and listen to ourselves?

In today's rush and tension most of us are in, this is more important than ever.


When faced with pain or stress, how often do we turn to medication to relieve symptoms for the moment instead of using our ability to heal ourselves?


The consequences are side effects, drug dependency and / or the so-called burnout.


Meditation / hypnosis offer the opportunity to explore the body inwardly and to feel how we are doing, what we need and which goal we want to strive physically and mentally. Here we experience healing, relaxation, strength and more focus in everyday life.


Hypnosis is guided self-hypnosis. The Dave Elmann Induction.

In addition to the different kind of breathing meditations that can be experienced, I work with silent meditation, light meditation and the popular progressive muscle relaxation and dance.


In a meeting, online or in person we can find out together which meditation or hypnosis is suitable for you and whether you would like to combine it with other services like Personal training or Massage.



20 minutes CHF50.-

30 minutes CHF70.-

60 minutes CHF130.-



first session 60 - 90 minutes


preliminary talk

Anamnesis/analysis of the situation

Explanation of hypnosis / procedure in hypnotherapy

Hypnosis session – resolution of any emotional conflict

Anchoring of self-hypnosis

Controlling self-hypnosis



Follow-up session 1h or shorter depending on the situation

Discussion/feedback of changes since the last session

Self-hypnosis feedback

Reinforce the hypnotherapy session


Hourly rate CHF140.-

Billing in 15-minute cycles